October 2019: Gather

Bonnie WohllebenPastor's Blog

Hi Church,

Can I brag on our staff?!  We meet monthly to calendar and share in the excitement in our areas of ministry.  This helps us work together as a team and to support one another in ministry.  This month, I told them to wear their jeans because we were going to put our hands to work.

We shared a meal and began our programming plans for Christmas and beyond (look for those else where in the newsletter).  After our meal, we cleaned out a classroom and two closets near the Fellowship Hall.  As we put our hands to work, we also took time to encourage one another and pose for a silly picture in some chili pepper hats that we found while cleaning.  Our work and fun was purposed by making way for a new Sunday school class.

The Journeymen have been meeting for about seven weeks now.  This small group of men, whose wives and children were busy during the Sunday school hour, decided to gather around the open Bible.  While allowing the scriptures to inform their daily lives, they support one another through conversation and prayer.  We can also thank this class for setting up for our Wednesday ReConnect for the first three weeks.

In the earliest days of the Christian movement, before it was even know as such, believers would gather to learn, fellowship, eat, and pray together (Acts 2:42).  Whether the people who gather are friends or staff, the formula for healthy community is the same.  The vision of our Decatur Methodist Family is to learn, grow, give, and serve.  Let your staff know how much your appreciate their leadership in this vision!  And drop by to welcome the Journeymen Sunday School class (across from the Parlor) on Sunday mornings!

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Cassie