First United Methodist Church Decatur

We are a church serving God’s People in Decatur, TX

This church has been and continues to be a vital part of Wise County. We are a downtown church and understand how the generations come together to honor tradition and grow in God’s grace as we look to the future together.

Since the church was first organized in 1862, making it the oldest church in Decatur, we have provided a faithful witness to Jesus’ command that his followers should love both God and neighbor.

We are people like you…

As Methodists, we understand this witness includes both a personal relationship with the Lord and a willingness to serve both God and neighbor with acts of love, mercy, and justice. As we experience God’s grace regularly, we realize our lives are part of an ongoing journey intended to be lived with God and others. We understand that God’s grace can be encountered through the reading of Scripture (both privately and as a group), prayer, meditation, worship, Christian groups, and Holy Communion (the Lord’s Supper) to name a few. As we learn and grow, our faith moves us to share with others so that they too may experience the powerful and life-changing love God has for every person.

Loving God…

You are always welcome to join us for worship or for any of our activities! Our weekly worship is the cornerstone to how we stay connected to and learn more about God.