people worshipping in the sanctuary

God is Love

Scripture tells us that, “God is love, and that those who abide in his love abide in God, and God abides in them.” (1 John 4: 16). This Good News includes an understanding that God’s love was revealed to the world when God sent his only son, Jesus into the world so that we might live through him. God loves us first before we can respond. This powerful gift of love includes Jesus’ sacrificial and atoning gift of his own life so that we might experience forgiveness for our sin and thereby be reconciled to God. Because this gift of love is for everyone, it is “good news” that Christians are to share with the world. We believe a relationship with God is both personal and communal as we live, grow, and share with other Christians. As we respond to God’s grace, we grow in understanding and our lives bear fruit worthy of God’s kingdom that has been started in our world. Jesus continues to teach us this love and call upon us to share it with others.

First things you’ll want to know…

Well, we are here to help introduce people to God’s love. A love that is unselfish, undeserved, but oh so real and powerful! It is truly amazing what can happen when we learn to love each other the way God intended. You see before Jesus came, a lot of people had forgotten that God was a loving God who wanted to be in relationship with us. They thought that by following all of the “law” (church law) of the time, they were being faithful.

What's the Good News?

Jesus changed all that…

Jesus didn’t come to condemn anyone or even to change their minds about anything. He came simply to be God’s ultimate example of what it means to truly LOVE ONE ANOTHER! He ate and hung out with ALL people, even people considered dirty or outcasts. And his ultimate example was when he actually submitted to being tortured and killed even though all he had done was to show all people God’s Love.