Rev. Dr. Brian Bosworth

Rev. Dr. Brian Bosworth June 2018: Do Opinions Really Matter? - Do opinions really matter? As Christians, we don’t lose or give up on the notion of having opinions about things or people.
Rev. Ricky Harrison June 2018: You Are Who You Eat With - There’s something intrinsically sacred about food, especially when food is shared with other people.
Rev. Dr. Brian Bosworth May 2018: Grounded in Faith - As people of faith, we are invited to keep ourselves grounded in our faith. Everything else ought to flow from our relationship with God.
Rev. Ricky Harrison May 2018: When is the New Worship Starting? - I pray this will be so much more than just a new offering of worship in a different style — I pray God will build a (w)holistic community of persons seeking to dedicate their lives to walking together in the footsteps of Jesus.
Rev. Dr. Brian Bosworth Signs of Vitality and Life are All Around Us - Signs of life and vitality are all around us. Resurrection reminds us of new and beautiful things. Fresh starts and new beginnings abound as all creation begins to turn a new season.
Ricky Harrison April 2018: Pecan Street Mission - As we begin to live into God’s new work among us in planting our new faith community Pecan Street Mission, please continue to pray with and for us.
Rev. Dr. Brian Bosworth Lent Reminds Us that Faith is Intentional - The Lenten Season allows the Easter experience to be more profound for us. It helps to remind us how costly our relationship is for God, but also for us.
Ricky Harrison March 2018: Living Towards Resurrection - This Lent, as I’ve been fixated on my compass, I have been challenged to “re-orient” my own daily living towards death and resurrection.
Ricky Harrison February 2018: All Things New - My prayer lately has been that God might take all my fear of the unknown, all my self-doubt, and all my human self-interest and unite them with God’s own hopes and dreams.
Rev. Dr. Brian Bosworth The Season after the Epiphany - The days and weeks that follow the Day of Epiphany, up until the Lenten Season begins, are a part of ordinary time, or in terms of the liturgical calendar “The Season after the Epiphany.”