Rev. Dr. Brian Bosworth

Rev. Ricky Harrison October 2018: Measure Your Life in Love - True Confession: I have a major soft spot for musicals. Broadway musicals, high school theater, musical film — you name, I love it. From the cast of Wicked onstage at Fair Park to the Berkner High production of Sound of Music, I just love musicals. One of my early favorites is the movie version of Rent. The opening number, “Seasons of Love,” asks a profound question — How does one measure a life? Is a life measured in the number of years lived? In the 525,600 minutes that make up each year? Can a life be measured in daylights, sunsets, midnights, or cups of coffee? Is a life measured by the bridges burned, tears cried, truths learned, or the way one died? How about love? Read More
Rev. Dr. Brian Bosworth September 2018: New Beginnings - Every year about this time, most of us feel a part of the great ritual of beginning a new school year. For many of us, it has been a number of years since we were directly a part of the new school year hubbub as a student or as the parent of a student. Some feel blessed to relive it through grandparenting or even great-grandparenting. Some just cherish their own memories of a past time as a student when their personal experiences were perhaps a mixture of anticipation for new opportunities and new people, and the nervousness that can accompany those very same things — new opportunities and new people. We are alike in so many ways, yet different, in many ways as well, but Read More
Rev. Ricky Harrison Pecan Street Mission News: September 2018 - Pecan Street Mission Planting Seeds of Love Wow! What an incredible first Preview Worship for Pecan Street Mission last month! Like at Easter, God far surpassed our expectations! 52 people from across the generations gathered together for worship, we made many new friends, and celebrated the love of God being made flesh in this community called Pecan Street Mission! I'm most excited about the notes of love & encouragement that went out to our 98 elementary and preschool teachers serving across Decatur ISD. During worship, we had an opportunity to put hands and feet to our faith by writing short notes of thanks and encouragement to shower our teachers with love. School officially started a few weeks ago, and I know these teachers have already Read More
Rev. Dr. Brian Bosworth August 2018: Growth and Patterns of Life - With triple-digit temperatures and cracks appearing in the ground it’s a challenge to think about new things, especially growth. Meteorologists remind us of past heat waves and record-drought conditions already in the history books, and then tell us what to expect in the coming days. It sounds dismal, but we continue to hope and pray for rain so that our livestock might have grass to eat and water to drink, that ponds and lakes refill, and that colors of life return to plants, trees, and foliage. This is the pattern or cycle we all expect following dry and hot conditions. We just never know the timing on the relief part of the pattern. Last week, the Wise County Old Settlers Reunion was held. Talk about Read More
Rev. Ricky Harrison August 2018: Pecan Street Mission - Pecan Street Mission Preview Worship Season When I arrived at FUMC Decatur 13 months ago, one of the first questions someone asked me was, “So, when is the new worship service starting?!” I’m incredibly excited to share that this month, (in just over a week!) we will host our very first “Preview Worship” for Pecan Street Mission! On Sunday morning, August 12, 2018, at 10:45 a.m., Pecan Street Mission will gather in Asbury Hall for the first of four Preview Worship services this fall! These next four months will be a soft-launch or preview season for us. Much like when a new restaurant comes to town, there are all sorts of logistics to work through as we prepare to launch weekly worship in December 2018. Read More
Rev. Dr. Brian Bosworth July 2018: New Faces, New Spaces - The conference-wide emphasis "New Faces, New Spaces" may be new to most of the churches of our Conference, but Decatur has already been living the idea for several years!
Rev. Ricky Harrison July 2018: Looking Back, Year 1 - Time has flown by this past year. Looking back, I’m amazed, humbled, and grateful for just how much God has done in and through us these past 12 months!
Rev. Dr. Brian Bosworth June 2018: Do Opinions Really Matter? - Do opinions really matter? As Christians, we don’t lose or give up on the notion of having opinions about things or people.
Rev. Ricky Harrison June 2018: You Are Who You Eat With - There’s something intrinsically sacred about food, especially when food is shared with other people.
Rev. Dr. Brian Bosworth May 2018: Grounded in Faith - As people of faith, we are invited to keep ourselves grounded in our faith. Everything else ought to flow from our relationship with God.