Rev. Dr. Brian Bosworth

Rev. Dr. Brian Bosworth June 2019: Passing the Baton- As a boy growing up in a family with a career Air Force officer/parent, the cycle of moving to a new base was not only what was expected, but a regular reality for us. For me as a young person it just seemed like a normal rhythm of life. The news of a transfer meant goodbyes of course, but also the expectation of new friends, schools, and housing upon arrival at the new base. It didn’t seem to be a big deal to me as a kid, maybe because every military family was doing the same thing at some point, and so there were probably common or like-feelings and emotions for us because we all knew what it felt like to be told it was… Read More
Rev. Ricky Harrison June 2019: Summer Dinner Church- Throughout the summer, we will again be engaging in experiments with Dinner Church. One of the earliest traditions of the people who follow Jesus is to gather together around the table, sharing a meal and sharing our lives. At Dinner Church, informal worship takes place around the table with a delicious meal brought together by the entire community. Communion is made as we share food & share our lives in exploring scripture, singing, and praying together. Bring your faith. Bring your doubts. Bring your appetite for something bigger than yourself. Similar to our Maundy Thursday Dinner Church experience, this family-friendly worship environment is created to be hospitable to people of all ages and stages of life. Just like your family table at Thanksgiving, this is… Read More
Rev. Dr. Brian Bosworth May 2019: Amazing Grace- My recent surgery and subsequent absence from the church reminded me of many things, but there are two of those many things that resonate strongly with me today. One of them is the experience of being a part of a church that cares deeply for its people and expresses those concerns in wonderful ways. Melissa and I have been so blessed by your prayers, thoughts, cards, visits, meals, texts, emails, words of encouragement, offers to drive, and even notes on windshields to name but a few of your expressions of love. You are an amazing church and it’s quite apparent how God’s love courses through your veins. We are humbled and thankful, as many others are or have been, to be on the receiving end… Read More
Rev. Ricky Harrison May 2019: Simply the Beginning- Easter is so much more than a morning or a day of celebration – Easter is a season of intentionally practicing resurrection. Eastertide – or the Easter Season – lasts for 50 days from Easter morning to Pentecost. During this season we remember that the risen and living Christ spent time with his disciples after that first morning at the empty tomb, teaching them what it means to live out a faith that finds new life in places previously filled with death. The risen Christ walks along the roadside, sits to break bread, cooks breakfast on the beach, offers signs of his wounded hands, extends forgiveness, and seeks reconciliation; the risen Shepherd commands his followers to love, feed, and tend to his flock, he commissions… Read More
Rev. Dr. Brian Bosworth April 2019: New Life and New Growth- I always enjoy this time of year. So many things happen, like Easter (of course), another change of seasons, “March Madness” (college basketball tournament), longer afternoons so more time outdoors, and so much more. These are just a few of the things I have grown accustomed to each happening year at this time and actually look forward to them, especially in the more dreary days of the winter. But this time of year also offers opportunity for new things and new experiences. A few years ago (during this same time of year), I was at a meeting with several local pastors. As usual, we included in our discussions the things that were occurring in each of our churches and to my surprise, one of the… Read More
Rev. Ricky Harrison April 2019: A Moment of Celebration & Gratitude- When I was 18-years old, the summer after graduating high school, my pastor insisted on taking me to lunch before I left for college. Over hamburgers, he asked me whether I had ever considered that God might be calling me into ministry. As an 18-year old, I had some basic inkling I wanted to spend my life serving others – loving God & my neighbors with everything I have. In that moment, and in countless moments since, God has consistently spoken to me through the voice of the Church. It has been pastors, mentors, Sunday School teachers, youth pastors, campus ministers, professors, friends, colleagues, and congregation members who have seen gifts & graces in me that I was not yet able to even see in… Read More
Rev. Dr. Brian Bosworth March 2019: General Conference- As I write this, I am aware that our United Methodist General Conference is underway in St. Louis, Missouri. The meeting was called as a special session (we normally have general Conference once every four years and 2020 is our next regular General Conference) to address issues around human sexuality. The United Methodist Church has been debating this issue and the Church’s official understanding and therefore Church polity for over 40 years. In the last few General Conferences, the issue and what the Church does or does not do as we move forward has often caused some very emotional and heartfelt responses from a broad spectrum of our United Methodist Church members. The discussions, debates, posturing, and attempts to make decisions at earlier General Conferences… Read More
Rev. Ricky Harrison March 2019: When the Church Gets it Wrong- These past six days I've been in St. Louis, gathered with United Methodists from across the world for a Special Session of our General Conference. The intent of this Special Session was to find a way forward from our current impasse regarding the full inclusion of LGBTQ+ persons in the life of our denomination. Rather than moving forward with the plan proposed by a vast majority of our bishops - and supported by a majority of delegates from the United States - the General Conference chose by a 53% majority to instead double-down on our current stance of excluding LGBTQ+ persons from the life of our Church. This week, the United Methodist Church once again got it wrong. As Methodists, we are no strangers to… Read More
Rev. Dr. Brian Bosworth February 2019: The Methodist Movement- In 1745, John Wesley established the first of what would become a yearly Conference, whereby Wesley had the opportunity to meet with his preachers and discuss matters of polity and procedures in the Methodist movement according to Wesley and the People Called Methodists by Richard Heitzenrater. At that first Conference in 1745, there were 3 members of the clergy and 6 laypersons (most of the 6 were serving as lay preachers) who met with Wesley. Over time, these yearly or annual Conferences would work to address other needs of this missional minded and growing movement. The Methodist movement in what we now know as the United States faced its own sets of concerns and challenges as it to evolved from a movement under the umbrella… Read More
Rev. Ricky Harrison February 2019: Now it Springs Forth! The View from Pecan Street- Two months ago, at the start of Advent, we celebrated the Grand Launch of weekly worship at Pecan Street Mission. This is a dream that has long been in the making here in the First Methodist family. The voice of God has long been whispering among this community, “Behold, I am about to do a new thing…” Where there used to sit an old Fire Station, this community heard the whisper of God’s dream for what became the Methodist Activity Center. Where Asbury Hall used to sit empty on Sunday mornings, this community heard the whisper of God’s dream for what has become Pecan Street Mission. The voice of God now whispers, “Behold, I am about to do a new thing – now it springs… Read More