God loves us

Because He created you

Jesus did not come into the world to exclude anyone from God’s love. In fact, Jesus hung out and ate with sinners frequently. Therefore, we should not judge others, but follow Jesus’ teaching and example to be people of peace who practice forgiveness and acceptance to those who are suffering, oppressed, lonely, or feel pushed to the margins of society. This is the love that Jesus revealed God to be and the love God desires each of us to experience throughout our lives. You are loved!

God loved us first

God created this beautiful universe that sustains life on this funny little planet. There are literally millions of different factors that come together to support us walking and talking on earth. God has built a beautiful place, and likewise He has built a beautiful creation in YOU! He loves everything He has created. He knows us — our greatness AND our shortcomings, and even the dark places we go. But He still loves us. The Bible tells us that “God is Love” and if we live with God, God lives in us.

God has and always will love you. You don’t DO anything to deserve it. You can’t earn it. It is there. All that is required is that you acknowledge that love and try to live in it every day! You see, God didn’t send his son Jesus to earth to tell us to “stop sinning!” — He came to tell us He loves us and just wants us to love Him back. When we do that, we naturally want to stop sinning against Him and those around us. This helps us all experience even more LOVE!

I’m not “good enough”…

Many people feel that God can’t or won’t love them because of their past. The truth is Jesus came and sought out people who were some pretty big sinners and who society said weren’t “good enough” for God. Jesus gave them — and gives us — the opportunity to experience forgiveness for all our sins. All you have to do is ask for it, and He will grant it to you!

Why do I need to go to church to feel God’s Love?

An important part of any relationship is spending dedicated time together. Attending church every Sunday is a great way to say to God “you are important — I will set aside ONE HOUR per week to focus on my relationship with you!” Church also gives us support from family and friends (that you will develop in time) for our life walk. Your “church family” will become your support system when the stress of life invades your family.

An Invitation

We want to invite you to come to church with us this Sunday. Come and experience God here. Come meet some people. Find a way to take some steps, from wherever you are in your relationship with God, toward the next step. And you can always contact our pastor Rev. Donny Haywood at [email protected].

God loves you and so do we here at First United Methodist Church, Decatur, TX!