October 2020: Generosity

Bonnie WohllebenPastor's Blog

Generosity is one of our most powerful and transformative spiritual practices as Christians. When we invest our lives and our livelihoods in the work of God’s Kingdom, our lives and the lives of others around us are radically enriched. Generosity, much like discipleship, is not a solo endeavor. As individuals and as a community of faith, we are who we are today because of the extravagant generosity of those who have come before us, those who through investing their lives in ours taught us the joy of giving ourselves away. We in turn pass on lives of extravagant generosity to others.

So what lies at the core of generosity that we pass along from generation to generation? What are the practices and principles which shape our reflection of God’s generous love towards us? Through looking in scripture at the stories of our ancestors in the faith, we’ll explore the core of generosity. We’ll explore with Abraham & Sarah the way God’s generosity flows through us out to bless others people. We’ll search our interior lives with Samuel & David, finding the generosity of spirit God sees in our hearts. We’ll walk with Jesus as he restores sight to the blind, discerning how generosity helps us see Jesus anew in the face of others. Finally, on All Saints Sunday when we remember the lives of the saints, we will take hold of the baton that has been passed through the generations of faith down to us, “running with perseverance the race set before us.”

We hope you will join the Decatur Methodist Family this October as we unpack the core of Generosity that has been passed down from generation to generation.

See you Sunday!
Pastors Cassie & Ricky