February 2020: Exploring Membership

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Exploring Membership

When Kelly and I went looking for a new church, we visited some churches in our neighborhood, some in our city, and some in the nearby city.  We were looking for a place to belong, a place that felt like home. It was difficult to get up Sunday after Sunday and attend a new church, hoping to find a place where many of our boxes would be checked.  And when we found the place we eventually called home, we had to return more than once or even twice to see any fruit from our efforts.  Even in the friendliest of environments, it is not always easy to invest the time necessary to build a lasting bond with new faces at church.

Exploring Membership is a luncheon with Pastor Ricky and me that will help folks explore a deeper relationship with the Decatur Methodist Family.  Our faith family offers some different ways to grow in your discipleship by intentionally participate in the ministries of our church and we want to share these with you.  We want to help you find a way to server and a place to belong!

While we will be sharing the ways one can join our Decatur Methodist Family, it is not restricted to our visitors.  We would like to invite anyone who wants know more about learning, growing, giving, and serving to join us as well.  Please RSVP to the church office by Monday, February 3 so we can prepare for your attendance.  Kids are welcome too!  Following are the details of our time together.

See you Sunday!

February 9  •   MAC  •   RSVP by February 3