May 2019: Simply the Beginning

Bonnie WohllebenPastor's Blog

Rev. Ricky Harrison

Easter is so much more than a morning or a day of celebration – Easter is a season of intentionally practicing resurrection. Eastertide – or the Easter Season – lasts for 50 days from Easter morning to Pentecost. During this season we remember that the risen and living Christ spent time with his disciples after that first morning at the empty tomb, teaching them what it means to live out a faith that finds new life in places previously filled with death. The risen Christ walks along the roadside, sits to break bread, cooks breakfast on the beach, offers signs of his wounded hands, extends forgiveness, and seeks reconciliation; the risen Shepherd commands his followers to love, feed, and tend to his flock, he commissions them to make disciples and baptize all people into the ever-expanding family of God; in his coming absence he promises an Advocate, none other than the Spirit of the Living God who breathes life into the Body of Christ in this world just as the Spirit breathed life into the body of Jesus that day. The Easter Season is a reminder that Easter morning isn’t the end of our story, but simply the beginning – we still have resurrection work to do.

Early on Easter morning this year, 120+ people from across the Decatur community gathered downtown at Sunrise for a celebration. On the steps of the Courthouse, we sang songs of resurrection, placed signs of new life on the cross, and proclaimed the good news that God’s love always gets the last word. In 2018, this gathering of the Downtown Community at Sunrise was simply the beginning of the new life God was breathing into what would become Pecan Street Mission. That early community of Jesus followers pulled together to launch weekly Modern Worship in Asbury Hall, formed Life Groups who met weekly for faith & fellowship, and sent a mission team to Juarez, Mexico. Easter was simply the beginning of God’s resurrection story among us. This year, Easter is again simply the beginning – the beginning of daily witnessing to God’s resurrection work among us. Keep your eyes sharp & your ears attuned to the signs of new life springing up all around us. If the Spirit of the Living God can raise Jesus from the dead and breathe new life into Christ’s Body, the Church, then who knows what new life God can work among us. This is merely the beginning my friends – Christ is risen indeed!

In Christ,
Ricky Harrison