December 2019: New Year’s Misison Trip

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Rev. Ricky Harrison

Did you know just on the other side of the border from El Paso, families are living in extreme poverty?

Single mothers and elderly grandparents are raising kids on dollars-per-day, living in self-constructed shelters made of wood pallets and chicken-wire. For the past 27 years on the outskirt desert regions of Ciudad Juarez, Proyecto Abrigo (Project Shelter) has been partnering with U.S. mission teams to build concrete-block homes for these families. With a new home, families no longer have to worry about their infant children freezing to death during the wintery desert nights. With a new home, parents no longer worry about their wood-pallet shelter going up in flames because their children were trying to keep warm near the wood-fire stove. A home not only changes lives, a home saves lives.

This winter, Pastor Ricky Harrison will again be leading a mission team to Proyecto Abrigo over the New Year’s holiday to build a home for a family in need. Ricky has been traveling to Juarez and working with Proyecto Abrigo for the past 22 years, leading teams of all ages from across Texas. This will be the second year FUMC Decatur has taken this trip. This church-wide mission trip is open to people of all ages, but minors must be accompanied by either a parent or designated adult guardian. An up-to-date U.S. Passport will be required for the trip.

If you would like to signup for the mission trip, help fund the building of the house, or have questions, please contact Ricky Harrison ([email protected]).

This year, let’s build a family a home for Christmas.

Proyecto Abrigo

Trip Date: Dec. 30 – Jan. 3, 2020

Where: Proyecto Abrigo (, Juarez, MX

Cost: $200/Adult or $150/Accompanied Minor


In Christ,
Ricky Harrison