Signs of Vitality and Life are All Around Us

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Rev. Dr. Brian Bosworth

Signs of Vitality and Life are All Around Us

As The Voice is going to print this week, I have been reflecting on the work of our church these past weeks and months. Perhaps it’s the heightened awareness during Lent of a “journey” that is underway. We have been invited to accompany Jesus and the Disciples along the way and to experience an intentional time of spiritual preparation for the life we have been called to live. Some days seem as if I am caught up in a whirlwind of planning and activities and some days I bask in the quiet and stillness of God where I can find grounding I know I need so desperately. I am deeply touched by the movement of the Holy Spirit in our church as I stop momentarily to take some of it in. There is spiritual growth occurring as well as physical response as the hands and feet of Christ, the church, move to the heartbeat of Jesus to engage the world around us.

Last Fall, eight of our young people began the journey of confirmation where they began to learn and experience key insights of the Christian faith and what it means to be Methodist. Each Confirmand has been accompanied by an adult mentor who has encouraged, shared of themselves, and modeled the Christian faith regularly. In addition to Confirmation, our Children’s ministry numbers are increasing on Sundays and Wednesdays, as are the Youth numbers. Adult Sunday School remains vitally important and well attended also, as does our Wednesday evening Reconnect where many folks experience a smaller group atmosphere and a nice way to get more involved. A ladies’ Lenten study took place and there is interest for more such opportunities in the future.

On the servant side of things, where holiness of heart is balanced by holiness of life by Methodists, the Family Ministries and Community Ministries Teams have a May event planned to not only heighten awareness in the community about the church, but to host an event that actually invites the community into our midst. That event scheduled for the afternoon of May 19 involves summer fun and safety. We are asked to donate sunscreen so that skin can be protected and safety enhanced this summer for friends and neighbors in the community. We also have several members of the flock who volunteer in the schools, spending time helping students and showing Christ’s love. The Youth are planning a mission trip to Rockport this summer to help with Hurricane Harvey relief. Our Christian Care Visitors visit the homebound faithfully each week so that these saints know they are loved. Our group that is planning a new worshipping community (which is now known as “Pecan Street Mission”) under the leadership of Pastor Ricky, is earnestly planning strategies and ways to reach the unchurched and dechurched within our community as a deliberate response to the church’s missional planning these last 8-10 years. Church members regularly attend and provide critical support at Decatur Cares Mobile Food Pantry each month, work with Texas Ramps to build wheelchair ramps for numerous people in our area, and groups such as Sunday School classes provide gifts, signs of love, and care to many individuals and groups across the area. Our Preschool is expanding this year by broadening the age of eligibility of students. Our Hospitality and Fellowship Teams continue to provide outstanding support by welcoming and feeding the masses! So much going on (so much that didn’t get mentioned here) and yet so much to do. I know that the quiet times with God help me in my faith to not only rest, but understand better how God might be trying to use me.

Signs of life and vitality are all around us. Resurrection reminds us of new and beautiful things. Fresh starts and new beginnings abound as all creation begins to turn a new season. I hope you don’t find yourself stuck in the old seasons or old ways. Again so much going on and so much to do as a part of the body of Christ. Know that God loves you and there is a place for you!

See you in worship!

No Combined Worship on Sunday, April 29, 2018

Just a reminder that there will be no combined worship on Sunday, April 29, 2018. We will be adding extra music, much like we have done in other months when both worship times met together. Come enjoy the music and singing at 8:30 a.m. and 10:50 a.m. that day!