Pecan Street Mission News: September 2018

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Rev. Ricky Harrison

Pecan Street MissionPecan Street Mission
Planting Seeds of Love

Wow! What an incredible first Preview Worship for Pecan Street Mission last month! Like at Easter, God far surpassed our expectations! 52 people from across the generations gathered together for worship, we made many new friends, and celebrated the love of God being made flesh in this community called Pecan Street Mission!

I’m most excited about the notes of love & encouragement that went out to our 98 elementary and preschool teachers serving across Decatur ISD. During worship, we had an opportunity to put hands and feet to our faith by writing short notes of thanks and encouragement to shower our teachers with love. School officially started a few weeks ago, and I know these teachers have already spent weeks (if not months) preparing to plant the seeds of love in our kids through investing in their education. I’m so thankful that we mobilized to be a bold force of God’s love in this community by helping show our teachers how much they are loved and appreciated! When you see a teacher this month, take an extra moment to tell them thanks!

We’ll gather again for our second Preview Worship on Sunday, September 9, 2018. Between now and then, please continue to pray for the seeds of God’s love to sprout up and blossom forth in our midst! Remember, the seeds of God’s love have already been planted all around you — just look for the sprouts!

In Christ,
Ricky Harrison